Signed Harvey Littleton One-of-a-kind Glass Sculpture

This sensual, abstract and bright hued one of a kind piece of sculptural handblown glass by renowned American glass artist: Harvey Littleton is fantastic and abstract.

It is a cut folded form which he is famous for. This particular work is not titled and is in one form. The base also is clear glass and attached. He is the father of American glass. It is signed Littleton ’78.

He is extremely well-known and highly collectable. Each piece of his is all handblown and one of his work is in museum and private collections internationally as well as in the United States. The amazing work of Littleton appears in documented publications of books on American glass artists. Unfortunately, he passed away; so his pieces will be even more desirable and wanted.

From all sides, this work changes and has new forms. It has movement in it with the mazing form and shape. It has a sensuality to it with both the palette and forms. The color saturation of luscious rich hot pink graduating is mixed with clear. Gorgeous!!! and stellar!! A must!

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8 in. H x 14 in. W x 6 in. D
20 cm H x 36 cm W x 15 cm D


United States


Modern, 1978